Marine Pollution Prevention and Management in the East Asian Seas: From Planning to Action (1996 Annual Report)


Sunday, December 01, 1996




Out of Print


The 1996 Annual Report of the Regional Programme for the Prevention and Management of Marine Pollution in the East Asian Seas has been prepared under the theme, "From Planning to Action". Recalling that the overall objective of the Programme is to support the efforts of participating governments in the prevention and management of marine pollution at both the national and subregional levels on a long-term and self-reliant basis, the theme voices the essence of work which has been undertaken during the year. The report reviews some of the issues and challenges that were involved in implementing the Regional Programme. The experience and lessons learned have provided a better appreciation among stakeholders of why and how integrated coastal management is applied in the coastal area, the social and economic opportunities that are afforded as a result of marine pollution initiatives and the costs and benefits of partnerships between government and private sector.