Reference No.

Description of Contract

Date of Contract

Duration of the Contract

Name or Vendor Awarded the Contract

TOR-2024-0001EAS Congress Website DevelopmentJanuary 15, 2024Development and Technical Support shall end in December 31, 2024Rhev Gutierrez
TOR-2023-002PEMSEA.ORG Website RevampJuly 28, 2023December 2023GlimSol Web Solutions Provider
TOR-2023-003Sea Knowledge Bank Website RevampOctober 15, 2023June 2024GlimSol Web Solutions Provider
TOR-2023-004PEMSEA Servers and Local Area Network UpgradeOctober 6, 2023May 2024Integrated Computer System, Inc. (ICS)
TOR-2023-005PEMSEA ERP UpgradeSeptember 11, 2023April 2024Performance Advantage Systems International, Inc. (PASI)