Proceedings of the 2011 PNLG Forum


Monday, July 25, 2011


Meeting Documents




“Achieving Sustainable Blue Economy through Integrated Coastal Management”

Dongying City, Shandong Province, PR China, 25-27 July 2011


i. The 2011 PEMSEA Network of Local Governments (PNLG) Forum was held at the Blue Horizon International Hotel, Dongying City, Shandong Province, PR China, from 26 to 27 July 2011. The Dongying Municipal Government hosted the Meeting with support from the State Oceanic Administration of China.

ii. The Forum was attended by representatives from the PNLG members, namely: Cambodia (Preah Sihanouk); China (Dongying; Fangchenggang; Haikou; Laoting; Liangyungang; Quanzhou; Xiamen); Indonesia (Bali Province, Denpasar City; Gianyar Regency; Karangasem Regency; Tabanan Regency; Jakarta Province and Sukabumi Regency); Philippines (Bataan Province and Guimaras Province); RO Korea (Changwon City ); Thailand (Chonburi), and Vietnam (Danang and Thua Thien Hue).

iii. Representatives from various local governments and various institutions served as observers, including:Cambodia (Kep Province); Indonesia (Jembrana Regency; West Java Province); Lao PDR (Saravane; Champasak); China (Panjin Ocean and Fishery Bureau of China; Qingdao Ocean and Fishery Bureau; Yangjiang Ocean and Fishery Bureau; Haiyang Municipal Government; Haiyang Ocean and Fishery Bureau; North China Sea Branch of SOA; Shandong Provincial Department of Oceanic and Fishery; RO Korea (Kyungnam University; Korea Ocean Research and  Development Institute); and Timor Leste (Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries).

iv. The following served as resource speakers for the Forum: Dr. Chua Thia-Eng, Chair, EAS Partnership Council; Mr. Xue Rongjian, Deputy Director, Dongying Municipality Blue Economy Management Office, China; Mr. Lee Tsen Yang, National Parks Board, Singapore; Mr. Wang Shou Qiang, Representative of Dongying ICM Project, Dongying Municipal Government; Dr. Kee-Hyung Hwang, Research Fellow and Director, Korea Maritime Institute; Dr. Zhang Zhaohui, Associate Professor, First Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, China.

v. The PNLG Secretariat in Xiamen and PEMSEA Resource Facility (PRF) served as the Secretariat for the Meeting, while the Dongying Ocean and Fishery Bureau served as the local secretariat.

vi. The meeting agenda and full list of participants are attached as Annex 1 and 2.