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  • Integrated River Basin Management Project Newsletter - Edition 2

    With the title "Connection and Voices: Setting the Sail in 2024," the second edition of the Integrated River Basin Management Project Newsletter highlighted the promotion of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) to ensure a more inclusive approach in the implementation of all project components. Hear from the voices of community and local partners on the issues confronting the river basins in their respective countries, and the importance of representing the marginalised and more vulnerable sectors in the community. 

  • Integrated River Basin Management Project Newsletter - Edition 1

    2023 marks the beginning of a breakthrough collaboration among six ASEAN member states (AMS) and development partners in Southeast Asia for the protection and management of select priority river basins that drain into four large marine ecosystems in the Southeast Asian Region, the Bay of Bengal, South China Sea, Gulf of Thailand and Indonesian Sea. This year, the Integrated River Basin Management Project saw the project inception and establishment of the governance mechanism at the regional level, including the establishment of the Regional Project Management Unit at PRF and the approval and adoption of the 2023 workplan and budget. The six AMS proceeded in securing approval of the project in line with their respective government policies and procedures and initiated consultations at national and river basin levels to discuss the project’s implementing arrangements. Regional activities were also initiated including the development of State of River Basin Reporting Guidelines, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Analysis, capacity development activities, and knowledge management and communication outreach.

  • East Asian Seas Partnerships 2023 Wrapped

    As the 2023 calendar year comes to an end, I would like to thank PEMSEA partners - both country and non-country, the networks of local governments and learning centers, and the PEMSEA Resource Facility staff for their continued hard work and commitment to the East Asian Seas Partnership.

    2023 was an eventful year with the first year of fulfilling our shared commitment to the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia 2023-2027. This year also marked the commemoration of PEMSEA's 30th year, with the ICM lecture series and the launch of several major projects and collaborations.

    Acting purposefully for the future and serving the Partnerships in what really matters - fostering healthy and resilient coasts, ocean, people and economies, the PEMSEA Resource Facility is fully committed to play its part in creating a fairer and more prosperous world for all. where sustainability and equity are the core of everything we do. Collectively, we can make the right decisions and transformations to pave the way for what's next.

    As we anticipate more exciting lineups of collaborative actions and knowledge sharing in the East Asian Seas Congress in collaboration with Xiamen World Ocean Week 2024 in Xiamen, China on 6-8 November 2024, let us take you back to our milestones this year - all made possible through our fruitful collaboration in the region.

  • PEMSEA eBulletin - November 2023

    It has been a busy November for the East Asian Seas region! From the 6th GEO Blue Planet Symposium to Xiamen World Ocean Week to Amamo 2023, our partners are in full gear to finish the year with more impactful events at the regional and global scale. We are also excited to share that the East Asian Seas Congress 2024 Youth Forum is opening its application among young leaders for a regional learning exchange in Korea National Ocean Science Museum. Deadline of application will be on 07 January 2024.

    PEMSEA projects are rolling as we organized capacity building activities in Cambodia for the Integrated River Basin Management Project, and the continuation of the stakeholder consultation in Timor-Leste for the Marine Plastics Project.

    PEMSEA networks are also in action as both PNLC and PNLG hosted their general assembly and annual forum alongside regional and international events.

    From beyond the EAS region, with the conclusion of the third meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC-3) and the opening of COP28 today, eyes are on the world leaders to accelerate and deliver concrete actions on their commitments to multilateral environmental agreements. 

  • PEMSEA eBulletin - October 2023

    We are glad to announce the dates for the East Asian Seas Congress 2024, which will be hosted by the People’s Republic of China. The search for #HumansofEAS continues as we aim to recognize local ocean leaders and champions from all over the region.

    PEMSEA’s #MarinePlastics Project kicked off the plastic analysis and characterization study in our Philippine sites, and held a series of stakeholder consultations to engage more partners in #citizenscience such as plastics monitoring and awareness campaigns. The #ATSEA2 Programme showcased how using customary law and practices can strengthen conservation stewardship in Timor-Leste.

    In our news roundup, we have lined-up more stories on local actions and global leaders promoting solutions to proactively address climate change, marine pollution, and biodiversity loss.

  • PEMSEA E-Bulletin - September 2023

    This month, we scored several  milestones for the Partnerships in East Asian Seas as countries adopted the regional strategy on biofouling management. The Arafura and Timor Seas Action Programme (ATSEA) showcased several of its technical reports when it  co-hosted  the 4th International Conference on Integrated Coastal Management and Marine Biotechnology; PEMSEA Executive Director led the second series of ICM lecture in the same event, while the Marine Plastics Project convened local partners  from the Philippines and Timor-Leste for the regional marine litter training.

    More positive news in the region as more East Asian Seas countries are addressing transboundary challenges such as plastic pollution. At the global level, the High Seas Treaty was finally signed by 81 nations, and the world is now watching the #RaceForRatification. 

  • PEMSEA E-Bulletin - August 2023

    This month’s bulletin highlights #PEMSEAat30 lecture series led by PEMSEA Chair Emeritus Dr. Chua Thia-Eng, the training on Plastic Analysis and Characterization Study done with LGU partners of the Marine Plastics Project, and the virtual participation of PEMSEA in the recently concluded World Water Week 2023 by highlighting its partnership with UNDP, Global Environment Facility, and ASEAN in implementing the Integrated River Basin Management Project in Southeast Asia.


    PEMSEA is also in the news! Checkout our media release on the support of the Republic of Korea to tackle marine plastic pollution in the Philippines and Timor-Leste. And under news roundup, collaboration to halt biodiversity loss and positive discoveries continue to inspire action across the region and globally. 

  • PEMSEA E-Bulletin - July 2023

    This month’s highlights focus on the 15th East Asian Seas (EAS) Partnership Council Meeting and the key decisions approved by the partners. The 30th Anniversary Commemoration of PEMSEA was also launched with the line-up of year-long activities leading to the 2024 East Asian Seas Congress. Our regional projects are also on the roll, with the conduct of participatory planning and consultations to agree on strategies and activities for implementation.

    In the our news roundup, stories on actions and solutions to promote circular economy and fight climate change, illegal fishing, and biodiversity loss, abound to inspire and motivate ocean policymakers and frontliners in the region and elsewhere to continue making a difference. 

  • PEMSEA E-Bulletin - June 2023

    This month’s bulletin highlights the kick-off of planning and assessment works of two PEMSEA projects — the Integrated River Basin Management Project and the  Reducing Marine Plastics in East Asian Seas Region Project. We are also sharing the key highlights of the Regional Forum on Blue Carbon that we organized this month. This issue also features the published works of our Arafura and Timor Seas Ecosystems Action Programme - 2 including the study on climate change impacts in ATS Region and an opinion article to commemorate the World Ocean Day.