NSOC Viet Nam


Tuesday, April 06, 2021




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Therefore, Vietnam’s NSOC report, with focus on “Blue Economy Growth”, aims to provide initial information on the state of the marine and coastal areas of the country, including socioeconomic, environmental and institutional aspects. Preparing the first NSOC report is a stocktaking effort, involving data collection and analysis of ocean-based and ocean-related economic activities, benefits and value of marine and coastal resources, and the ocean governance and blue economy initiatives that address the pressures and impacts affecting the ocean economy and ocean health.

The NSOC report also adopts the Drivers-Pressures-State-Impacts-Response (DPSIR) framework as a way to organize the indicators and assess ocean health and the ocean economy. It is policyoriented, and it provides a framework for categorizing a problem domain, along the causeeffect chain. The highly-complex marine system has a large number of interrelated processes acting between its physical, chemical, and biological components.