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PEMSEA Publications

Last modified November 17, 2010
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Manila Bay Environmental AtlasThe Manila Bay Area Environmental Atlas provides a relevant source of information necessary in policy formulation, planning, decision-making, monitoring and integrated river basin and coastal area management. Read More

PEMSEA has released numerous publications in the form of technical reports, case studies, policy briefs, books, magazines and other web-based materials. Circulated in and around the region, these materials have taken the concept of information-sharing to a higher level, adding to the region's intellectual capital. In its efforts to reach a wider audience for enhanced knowledge transfer, PEMSEA offers most of these materials for free, provided shipping costs are covered by interested individuals.

Publications by Category

IEC Publications

Information-Education-Communication materials provide an overview of various relevant topics using nontechnical language.

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Coastal and Ocean Governance

PEMSEA has been assisting countries in the region in meeting international obligations related to coasts and oceans. PEMSEA shares relevant status reviews, framework and guidelines, policy briefs, case studies, and lessons learned through these publications.

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Integrated Coastal Management

PEMSEA's years of practical ICM implementation in the East Asian region has produced a significant number of site-specific publications which present information essential for effective coastal management. These reports have been used as basis for planning, development and implementation of management policies, plans, programs and activities at the respective sites.

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Socioeconomic Valuation and Sustainable Financing

In order to ensure sustainability of ICM implementation, PEMSEA promotes institutionalization of ICM programs into development plans of local governments and the use of innovative approaches such as public-private partnerships.

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Management Tools and Methodologies

PEMSEA places importance in employing technical tools and methodologies that integrate scientific information to support better-informed coastal management and decision-making. Specialized technical skills, a critical mass of interdisciplinary experts that could support local and central governments, and published applications have been generated with the use of these manuals.

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Tropical Coasts Magazine

Tropical Coasts provides critical information and analysis on today's most pressing coastal and marine issues. Each issue covers a major theme with supporting articles specifically chosen and tailored to cover significant stories of relevance.

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Workshops and Conference Proceedings

The Workshop Proceedings contain the summary, recommendations and other outputs of important workshops/forums/seminars. Proceedings are particularly intended for researchers, administrators, libraries and other stakeholders.

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EAS Partnership Council Meeting Reports 

In support of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA), regional mechanisms were established to review and monitor the status of activities related to the SDS-SEA and to oversee the PEMSEA regional programme. These mechanisms include: the EAS Partnership Council Meeting participated by the PEMSEA State and non-State Partners, various sponsoring agencies and invited observers; and the Executive Committee Meeting. This section contains reports from the EAS Partnership Council Meetings.

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Executive Committee Meeting Reports

In support of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA), regional mechanisms were established to review and monitor the status of activities related to the SDS-SEA and to oversee the PEMSEA regional programme. One of these mechanisms is the Executive Committee Meeting composed of the Council, Intergovernmental, and Technical Session Chairs and other invited observers or partners. This section contains reports from the EC Meetings.

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Programme Steering Committee Meeting Reports

At the regional level, partnerships among government agencies arise from the regional meetings and other mechanism developed and facilitated by PEMSEA. One of these management mechanisms under PEMSEA’s first and second phase was the Programme Steering Committee (PSC) Meetings, wherein the participating governments of PEMSEA, along with the program management and PEMSEA’s supporting agencies (i.e., the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), met every 18 months to review and monitor the status of activities undertaken and oversee the regional programme in terms of its broad strategic goals. These reports cover the period 1994-2006.

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Terminal Evaluation and Annual Reports

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Note: To minimize possible misuse or abuse of PEMSEA Publications, some restrictions have been applied to  the PDF files. Printing is allowed but copying and editing of files are restricted.

To make downloading more convenient, only PDF files with a maximum size of 10MB and below were uploaded. PDF copies of publications that exceed 10MB are available upon request by using the link provided at the relevant titles. For other concerns, please e-mail