Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA)

is an intergovernmental organization operating in East Asia to foster and sustain healthy and resilient oceans, coasts, communities and economies across the region.

Integrated Coastal Management

Integrated Coastal Management helps governments, companies and other organizations to achieve social and economic development targets by addressing the governance of human activities affecting the sustainable use of coastal and marine ecosystems through a set of easily understood processes and supporting tools.


The strength of our partnership network, including governments, technical institutions and industry groups, enables us to address a broad range of scientific, governance and management issues.

Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA)

A marine strategy adopted by 14 countries that harmonizes international development goals and provides a framework for sustainable development of coasts and oceans.

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Integrated Coastal Management Sites

Working in partnership with local and national governments, international development organizations, companies, scientific institutions and regional initiatives, PEMSEA has applied integrated coastal management (ICM) solutions in dozens of sites across East Asia, impacting more than 86,000 km of coastline and hundreds of millions of people living in coastal and watershed areas.

PEMSEA has facilitated ICM coverage over 38% of the region's coastline, across 12 countries. Having exceeded our goal to cover 25% of the region's coastline under ICM by 2021, PEMSEA is now focusing on individual country targets and validating existing reported coverage.


Who We Serve

Local & National Government

PEMSEA's local and national government partners are at the forefront of implementing integrated coastal management (ICM) solutions. PEMSEA provides customized services to governments across the region seeking to restore, protect and sustain the health of their coastal ecosystems, communities and economies.

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International Development Organizations

International Development Organizations face a number of challenges in the complex coastal and marine environment. With over two decades of experience, PEMSEA is equipped to assist multilaterals, bilaterals, NGOs and other development organizations in strengthening their effectiveness in planning and implementing coastal and marine sustainable development programs.

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Companies & Investors

Healthy coasts and oceans provide the basis for sustained growth across a number of industries operating in coastal and marine areas. PEMSEA assists companies and investors in improving their coastal and marine strategies for reducing risks, generating new opportunities and enhancing competitiveness in an emerging blue economy.

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Research & Science Organizations

Through PEMSEA, research and science organizations benefit from access to the latest thinking and on-the-ground practice in coastal and marine environmental management. Institutions can connect with potential collaborators and maximize opportunities for practical application of their research.

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