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Welcome to PEMSEA.ORG

Last modified April 09, 2011

Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) continues to build and strengthen coastal and ocean governance in the seas of East Asia through intergovernmental, interagency and multistakeholder partnerships.

PEMSEA's major activities, outputs and outcomes over the past 15 years serve as the foundation on which new initiatives and action programs are being developed and undertaken.

In 2003, PEMSEA participating countries adopted the Putrajaya Declaration of Regional Cooperation for the Sustainable Development of the Seas of East Asia. By adopting the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA), a regional policy commitment is conveyed and helps to forge stakeholder partnership arrangements in addressing areas of concern.

In November 2009, eight East Asian nations signed the Agreement Recognizing the Legal Personality of PEMSEA, which transforms PEMSEA into a full-fledged international body to work for sustainable development of the region’s coastal and marine areas. Eleven Ministers and high-level delegates also signed the Manila Declaration on Strengthening the Implementation of Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) for Sustainable Development and Climate Change Adaptation in the Seas of the East Asia Region.

News and Updates

Read the latest issue of PEMSEA's FREE online newsletter, E-updates. To submit stories or announcements, e-mail the Editor at publications@pemsea.org.

Tropical CoastsThis issue of Tropical Coasts, featuring discussions from the International Conference on Sustainable Coastal and Ocean Development held during the East Asian Seas Congress 2009, expounds on the challenges and good practices in water supply and management. View all issues of Tropical Coasts.

Five case studies present the evolution of the implementation of integrated coastal management (ICM) in different sites across the region and how this management framework has put together the various efforts towards conserving coastal resources and achieving sustainable livelihood for various stakeholders.

EAS Congress Corner

Reports now available


The SGP-PEMSEA Joint Communique is being implemented to enhance community capacity in the development and management SGP-PEMSEA websiteof marine and coastal resources. Visit the SGP-PEMSEA Partnership Website.

The East Asian Seas Partnership Council is one of the regional mechanisms established to review and monitor the status of activities related to the SDS-SEA and to oversee the PEMSEA regional programme. Download reports from the EAS Partnership Council Meetings.

Regional Profiles. Sourced from the Tropical Coasts magazines, these profiles make visual representation of the issues and concerns that the region faces, as well as the efforts and initiatives that have been taken to address the challenges. Visit this page now.

Information Portals. A section dedicated to other sources of reports and news on environmental management in and out of the region. Visit this page now.

Environmental News. This contains up-to-date news from other environmental organizations. Visit this page now.

Links to Coastal and Marine Organizations in East Asia provides information on organizations and other entities that contribute to the governance of coastal and marine resources in each country in the region. Visit this page now. To request linkage, kindly use the online form.


Manila Bay Environmental AtlasThe Manila Bay Area Environmental Atlas provides information necessary in policy formulation, planning, decision-making, monitoring and integrated river basin and coastal area management. Order now.

Securing the OceansSecuring the Oceans is a compendium of essays aimed at increasing awareness on coasts and ocean, land-sea interactions, ocean dynamics, and ecosystem functions. Read the book review or order.

The Dynamics of ICM The Dynamics of Integrated Coastal Management shares 20 years of practical experience in addressing issues related to the integrated management of the coasts and oceans. Read the book review or order.

Download the Publications Catalogue or any PEMSEA Publication or go direct to the online bookstore.

To go to PEMSEA webmail, click here.