16 Oct 2014 - 26 Oct 2014 | Yeosu, Korea
PICES 2014 Annual Meeting: Toward a better understanding of the North Pacific: Reflecting on the past and steering for the future

General Information

For more than two decades, PICES has been the forum for scientists to develop a better understanding of North Pacific ecosystem structure and functions and a place to reflect on what changes are occurring. Two integrative scientific programs have been at the core of PICES activities: CCCC (Climate Change and Carrying Capacity) and FUTURE (Forecasting and Understanding Trends, Uncertainty and Responses of North Pacific Marine Ecosystems). While they have advanced our knowledge of the patterns and mechanisms of ecosystem change in the North Pacific, many unknowns remain.

FUTURE is developing a predictive capability for North Pacific ecosystem change, but many fundamental scientific questions remain that are beyond its scope. PICES-2014 is an opportunity for its diverse scientific community to assess the current understanding of marine ecosystems in the North Pacific, to broadly discuss scientific questions that are not being adequately addressed, and to identify the fundamental scientific questions that remain to be answered.

19 Aug 2015 - 20 Aug 2015 | Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya, Malaysia
International Conference on Environmental Forensics (iENFORCE) 2015

The International Conference on Environmental Forensics (iENFORCE) provides an internationally leading forum for interaction between scientists, consultants and public servants engaged in the multi-disciplinary areas of environmental forensics.

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