The fisheries sector is the fourth-largest employer in Cambodia, employing about 385,000 people in 2007. It is also the fourth-biggest contributor to the country's gross domestic product (GDP).

Recognizing its economic and social importance, the Government of Cambodia is embarking on the development and implementation of a national ICM scaling up program that will cover the country's 435km coastline across four coastal provinces. The scaling up initiative promotes ICM as a national approach to sustainably manage coastal and marine resources in the country. Scaling up efforts are founded on more than eight years of experience on ICM implementation at the national ICM demonstration site in Preah Sihanouk Province. ICM implementation in Preah Sihanouk covers 120km of coastline and 2,397km2 land area. Through a learning-by-doing approach that encourages local capacity development, ICM is providing practical solutions to coastal and marine management issues, benefiting over 200,000 stakeholders in the Province.

The ICM Program in Preah Sihanouk is addressing a variety of issues including: pollution reduction and waste management in Sangkat 4 through a community-driven waste collection and a micro-credit facility for sanitation facilities; livelihood management and sustainable coastal tourism in Occheuateal Beach; water use and supply management in Stung Hav District; and habitat protection and management of about 1,060ha of mangrove areas in Otress and Tomnob Rolok, Stung Hav and Kompong Smach, Prey Nup Districts.

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