In Indonesia, efforts are underway to further strengthen environmental and marine and coastal management using some key legislations and good practices derived from various initiatives. The Indonesian National Act (NA) 23/1997 concerning Environmental Management mandates that development activities be undertaken in an integrated manner among concerned government institutions, sectors and communities from planning though implementation. NA 27/2007 concerning the Management of Coastal Areas and Small Islands mandates local governments to implement ICM following a common planning process characterized by interagency planning and coordination and stakeholder participation. Implemented in synergy with NA 26/2007 on Spatial Planning, these laws mandate local governments to develop zoning schemes which integrate land, coastal and marine aspects for inclusion in the local area spatial planning. Close to 25% of the approximately 300 coastal regencies in Indonesia hava already prepared the necessary plans in support of ICM implementation.

Integrated management of watershed and coastal areas is also being developed in several areas. In Bali Province, ICM is now being scaled up to cover the entire island based on the experiences and good practices from the initial ICM demonstration in the southeastern coast. A coastal strategy for the integrated management of Tomini Bay was adopted by the three provinces surrounding the bay in May 2009. A draft strategic plan for the integrated management of Jakarta Bay is also currently being finalized for adoption by three neighboring provinces.

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