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Our Clients

PEMSEA works with various stakeholders in the sustainability of coasts and oceans.  The key clients are the following:

Local and National Governments
PEMSEA's local and national government partners are at the forefront of implementing integrated coastal management (ICM) solutions. PEMSEA provides customized services to governments across the region seeking to restore, protect and sustain the health of their coastal ecosystems, communities and economies.

International Development Organizations
International Development Organizations face a number of challenges in the complex coastal and marine environment. With over two decades of experience, PEMSEA is equipped to assist multilaterals, bilaterals, NGOs and other development organizations in strengthening their effectiveness in planning and implementing coastal and marine sustainable development programs.

Companies and Investors
Healthy coasts and oceans provide the basis for sustained growth across a number of industries operating in coastal and marine areas. PEMSEA assists companies and investors in improving their coastal and marine strategies for reducing risks, generating new opportunities and enhancing competitiveness in an emerging blue economy.

Research and Science Organizations
Through PEMSEA, research and science organizations benefit from access to the latest thinking and on-the-ground practice in coastal and marine environmental management. Institutions can connect with potential collaborators and maximize opportunities for practical application of their research.

A list of our sub-contracts and grants from 2014 onwards can be viewed here.