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Youth, Oceans and Climate Change

Quezon City, Philippines — The issue of climate change is real and will impact all sectors of society. It is an urgent issue that many people care about, but the youth, as the next generation have the most at stake.The 2nd East Asian Seas (EAS) Youth Forum, one of the major side events of the EAS Congress 2009, is the second convening of young participants from countries in the EAS Region, the first of which was during the 2006 EAS Congress. The Forum is a venue for young people in the region to learn more about pressing concerns in the marine and coastal areas, including climate change. It also hopes to strengthen the role of the youth in addressing these issues by providing them with some practical skills that they can apply when they go back to their own countries.The 2nd EAS Youth Forum will be divided into four major sub-themes: inform, inspire, involve, empower; adopted from the past YF's core principle, I3 = E. The Forum consists of exciting outdoor activities and workshops, lectures and discussions from climate change experts and authorities in marine and coastal management, and a chance to speak with Ministers and executives from international organizations.Apart from the knowledge and skills that youth participants will gain individually from the Forum, the friendship and network of empowered and committed youth will make a lasting impact in the overall goal of achieving better quality of life for future generations.Three years after the forum, the youth participants continue to make their contributions in caring and protecting the environment in their own country in their own ways. Through the use of advanced technology, they constantly communicate to inspire each other through stories of their activities. In Malaysia, for example, the "White Coffin" movement initiated by two Malaysian participants of the 1st YF had been recognized for its innovativeness and strong impact in banning the use of polystyrene food containers. The other YF participants also have their own stories to tell and contributions for the environment.The 2nd YF looks forward to a new addition to the network of empowered youth in the Region with strong commitment to make their share in caring for the marine and coastal environment.For participation details to the 2nd EAS Youth Forum, visit http://localhost/dr_pemsea_prod/eascongress/youthforum.