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PEMSEA Launches "Securing the Oceans: Essays on Ocean Governance"

Hanoi, Viet Nam — PEMSEA launched a 25-chapter book, which is a compendium of essays written by 25 authors, during the 4th Global Conference on Oceans, Coasts and Islands held in Hanoi, Viet Nam, from 7-11 April. Securing the Oceans: Essays on Ocean Governance – Global and Regional Perspectives was published a decade after the Year of the Ocean in 1998. The book is envisaged to further stimulate and strengthen the pursuit of sustainable ocean development so as to secure the ocean and its resources for future generations.Securing the Oceans is a collaborative initiative of PEMSEA and the Nippon Foundation. During the launching event, Mr. Takashi Ito, Director of the Department of Marine Affairs of the Nippon Foundation introduced the book to the international audience. Dr. Chua Thia-Eng and Dr. Kullenberg, Co-chairs of the Nippon Task Team on Regional Governance, and co-editors of the book, shared some insights and experiences in ocean governance and acknowledged the authors whose essays comprise the 25-chapter volume. Mr. Danilo Bonga, a staff of the PEMSEA Resource Facility, who also co-edited the Securing the Oceans, was not present during the launching.Ms. Biliana Cicin-Sain, Director of the Gerard J. Mangone Center for Marine Policy, University of Delaware (also Head of Secretariat for the Conference), commended the editors and authors on their efforts towards releasing a book of international significance.