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PEMSEA in 2019: the Green School Program in Timor-Leste

In Timor-Leste, schools are integrating the importance of environmental conservation and protection into the learning process. The "Green School Program" encourages schools to be proactive stewards of the environment and contribute to the sustainable development of local communities. The program was piloted in two schools in Dili. These schools saw an increase in school cleanliness and conditions, with students becoming more aware and conscious of waste management. This successful implementation led the program to being expanded to a third school, in Liquiça, which integrated tree planting and recycling into its cirriculum. In addition to PEMSEA, other contributions to the program came from the government, other international organizations, and the private sector.

This story is an example of successes throughout the EAS region that were prominent in 2019. More information on this story, along with other stories from throughout the region, are available in PEMSEA's Annual Report 2019: Gearing up for the next decade of healthy oceans.