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NOWPAP Recent Developments (March 2009)

RO Korea — In accordance to the decision of the 12th Northwest Pacific Action Plan Intergovernmental Meeting (IGM), the NOWPAP Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator between Toyama and Busan RCU offices have now relocated in December 2008. Both offices are now fully operational. After the relocation, a courtesy call has been paid respectively by the Coordinator and the Deputy Coordinator to Seoul and Tokyo.

The 2nd NOWPAP BRAVO exercise has been conducted successfully in January 2009 by NOWPAP member countries under the coordination of the Marine Environmental Emergency Preparedness and Response Regional Activity Centre (MERRAC). This exercise aimed at testing the communication between among NOWPAP members in response to oil spill incident.A process for conducting Regional Coordinating Unit (RCU) performance review has been started. According to the member countries' suggestion and with the help from the UNEP Headquarters, a consultant is being hired to implement the review. Consultations on the dates and the agenda of the 14th NOWPAP Intergovernmental Meeting are also on the way.NOWPAP and the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) are strengthening cooperation, with both parties planning a joint session during the 2009 annual PICES meeting on marine spatial planning in support of integrated management - tools, methods, and approaches. In addition, NOWPAP is considering contribution to the PICES North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report and the Satellite Oceanography Summer School through providing experts for a relevant workshop and lecturer and materials for the summer school.