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APN Granted a Project on Impacts of Global Warming in the Northwest Pacific

Nagoya, Japan —The Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN), a network of member country governments that promotes global change research and strengthens interactions between the science community and policy-makers in the region, has recently approved a project on "Impacts of Global Warming on Coastal and Marine Ecosystems in the Northwest Pacific". The highly-productive western North Pacific has experienced dramatic changes in oceanographic conditions and ecosystem structure, driven by climatic changes and anthropogenic interventions.

The project intends to conduct comparative studies across NOWPAP countries (PR China, Japan, RO Korea and Russia) to evaluate regional differences in the responses of marine ecosystems to the changes in the NOWPAP sea area (33-52oN; 121-143oE) by a project team composed of natural and socioeconomic scientists. This project will provide scientific basis to decision makers in developing policy strategies that incorporate regional differences in marine ecosystems supporting fish stocks as well as in vulnerability and adaptation of fisheries industries to climate change.

The project concept was initiated by NOWPAP and will be implemented under the leadership of Dr. Sukgeun Jung (Jeju National University, RO Korea).