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ICM Learning Centers

With two decades worth of experience in the East Asian Seas region, PEMSEA continues to champion integrated coastal management (ICM) as a feasible approach to achieve sustainable coastal and ocean development in the region. The establishment of ICM Learning Centers is a step toward this direction, reinforcing intergovernmental, interagency and multistakeholder partnerships, as well as underscoring on-the-ground management actions.

ICM Learning Centers were established as venues for knowledge sharing and transfer of skills on ICM program development and implementation at the local level. PEMSEA has collaborated with several universities in the region that would provide technical assistance to national focal agencies, ICM project sites, local governments, nongovernmental organizations and local communities. ICM Learning Centers across the region support capacity-building activities and other local ICM initiatives.

PEMSEA currently has sixteen ICM Learning Centers established in eight PEMSEA Country Partners.