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East Java Project

Last modified June 23, 2008

Facts and Figures

Location: Indonesia
GEF Investment: US$ 5M
Leveraged Investments: US$ 54M
Project Features: Community-based sanitation


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Project Objective:

To demonstrate a modular approach (i.e., small-scale sanitation with local treatment) to construct wastewater collection systems using cost-effective technology and community participation. The demonstration effect of the GEF intervention in East Java would be extremely valuable and easily replicated, and owing to its modular approach, would be open to funding from different financiers.

Project Activities:

  1. Demonstrate cost-effective community-based sewerage systems for residential wastewater
  2. Build capacity among provincial and local governments related to strategic planning, management and maintenance of wastewater services
  3. Develop policy reforms, including pricing and cost recovery for water, wastewater and other services


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