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Philippines - Batangas, Bataan, Cavite, Manila Bay, Puerto Galera

Last modified January 22, 2008

Good Policies and Practices in Coastal and Ocean Governance in the Philippines

National policies

  • EO 533: adoption of integrated coastal management (ICM) as national strategy for the sustainable development of coastal and marine environment resources
  • EO 510: rationzlizing management of the country's major river basins
  • EO 578: national policy on biodiversity, prescribing implementation particularly in the Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecosystem and Verde Island Passage Marine Corridor

PEMSEA Sites in the Philippines

Implementation of ICM program on a self-reliant and self-sustaining basis

  • Batangas
      • replication of ICM program to all coastal areas of the province
      • materials recovery facilities set up
      • sea-use zoning scheme in Batangas Bay integrated with land-use plans
      • Oil Spill Environmental Sensitivity Index for Batangas Bay
      • Pansipit River rehabilitation initiated
  • Bataan
      • partnership forged with private sector (Bataan Coastal Care Foundation, Inc.) for ICM program implementation, including mangrove restoration, artificial  reefs, fish sanctuaries and alternative livelihood projects
      • coastal land- and sea-use zoning plan adopted
      • Text-a-Crime campaign to support anti-illegal fishing program
  • Cavite
      • rehabilitation of Imus River and flood control project initiated
      • coral reef protection and  marine reserve established

Pollution reduction

  • Batangas Bay Region Environmental Cooperative established for the operation of a materails recovery facility
  • Manila Third Sewerage Project (MTSP)
  • Development of sewage collection and treatment facility in Puerto Galera through public-private partnership
  • Collection of environmental user fees in Puerto Galera for sustainable coastal resource management, with sewage treatment as priority

Habitat restoration and biodiversity conversation

  • Mangrove rehabilitation and protection
      • presidential proclamation of the mangroves and coastal lagoon in Paranaque and Las Pinas as critical habitat
      • mangrove areas reforested: >65 ha. in Bataan and 50 ha. in Batangas
  • Marine turtle sanctuary in Bataan
  • Wild bird sanctuary in Candaba, Pampanga
  • Collection of user fees from divers in Mabini and Tingloy, Batangas, for coastal resource protection

Water use and supply management

  • Rehabilitation and protection of La Mesa watershed

Food security and livelihood

  • Reinforcement of Bantay Dagat in Batangas and Bataan as part of anti-illegal fishing campaign
  • Supplemental livelihood and micro-financing: mussel culture and fish consignation in Bataan
  • Seaweed farming in Balayan Bay, Batangas and Ternate, Cavite
  • Food processing (e.g., fish and mussel chips) in Cavite

Natural and man-made hazard management

  • Manila Bay Oil Spill Contigency Plan
  • Disaster Risk Management Master Plan for Metro Manila

PEMSEA Sites in the Philippines (2)