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Proceedings of the Twenty-second Executive Committee Meeting

Publication Date: 
Thursday, May 9, 2019
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Only Available Online

The 22nd Executive Committee was held at the PEMSEA Resource Facility, Quezon City, Philippines, on 4-5 April 2019. The Meeting was attended by EAS Partnership Council Chair, Dr. Antonio La Viña; Technical Session Chair, Mr. Makoto Harunari; Council Co-Chair, Mr. Arief Yuwono; Intergovernmental Session Co-Chair, Mr. Vu Thanh Ca; and Technical Session Co-Chair, Dr. Jae-Ryoung Oh. Representatives from China and the Philippines participated as observers. The PRF served as Secretariat for the meeting.

EC/22/DOC/01 Annotated Agenda of the Meeting
EC/22/DOC/02 East Asian Seas Congress 2018 and Sixth Ministerial Forum: Results and Follow-on Actions
EC/22/DOC/02a Annex 1 - Iloilo Ministerial Declaration
EC/22/DOC/02b Annex 2 - Summary of the EAS Congress International Conference and Recommendations
EC/22/DOC/02c Annex 3 - Targets and Commitments for SDS-SEA
EC/22/DOC/03 PEMSEA’s Self-Sustainability
EC/22/DOC/03b Annex 2 – Financial Projections
EC/22/DOC/04a Development of a Knowledge Product on PEMSEA Progress on Blue Economy and Investment
EC/22/DOC/04b Progress on the Development of Sustainable Financing Mechanism in Supporting SDS-SEA Implementation

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