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Proceedings of the 20th Executive Committee Meeting

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017
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Only Available Online

The 20th Executive Committee Meeting was conducted by skype on November 22, 2017. The meeting was participated in by the EAS Partnership Council Chair, Dr. Antonio La Viña; Technical Session Chair, Mr. Makoto Harunari; Intergovernmental Session CoChair, Dr. Vu Thanh Ca; and Technical Session Co-Chair, Dr. Jae Ryoung Oh. Dr. Zhang Haiwen, Intergovernmental Session Chair and Mr. Arief Yuwono, Intergovernmental Session Co-Chair encountered internet connection difficulties and were unable to participate in the discussion. Mr. Liang Fengkui, State Oceanic Administration, China served as observer.

EC/20/DOC/01 Provisional Agenda
EC/20/DOC/02 Summary of Major Recommendations and Decisions from the 9th EAS Partnership Council Meeting and Actions Taken
EC/20/DOC/03 EAS Congress 2018 Information Package
EC/20/DOC/04 Progress on Development of a Sustainable Ocean Investment Facility Supporting SDS-SEA Implementation
EC/20/DOC/05 Country Visits on Voluntary Contributions in Support of PEMSEA's Sustainability: Proposed Agenda and Schedule 

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