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ASEAN Scoping Study on Interlinkages of Health and Biodiversity Highlights

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, May 20, 2020
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Only Available Online

Biodiversity and Health - Context

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Health Synthesis (WHO 2005)

Aichi targets (2011 2020) Target 14 "contribute to health and well being”

State of Knowledge Review (2015) on Biodiversity & Health SCBD and WHO

72nd World Health Assembly Environment, Climate, Biodiversity and Health

COVID 19 Pandemic shows vulnerability of our ecosystems, complexity and deep intersectoral nature of the situation, and seriousness of the costs of inaction in biodiversity and ecosystems (that are conventionally considered non dominant sectors of health)

ASEAN region bio culturally diverse, well integrated culturally and economically. Witnessing rapid changes, especially vulnerable to multiple threats to health and wellbeing

Several leverage points exist in the region (natural resource availability, strong socio cultural community and transboundary co operation)