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Reference materials for technical subjects and issues

Ocean Panel BLUE PAPER: Ocean Finance: Financing the Transition to a Sustainable Ocean Economy Communications Toolkit October 2020

The ocean economy is a cornerstone of the global economy, contributing trillions each year. Despite this, the sector is drastically underinvested, with just 1% of the ocean economy’s total value invested in sustainable...

ASEAN Health Sector Response to the COVID 19 Pandemic

Recognizes the importance of biodiversity and the environment in the prevention of emerging infectious diseases and pandemics, as well as other public health priorities

Biodiversity and Zoonosis

The variability among living organisms, including terrestrial, marine, and aquatic ecosystems, and the ecological complexes of which they are part.

This includes diversity within species (genetic), between species and of ecosystem.

Health and Biodiversity in the Post 2020

While saving human lives and rebooting the economy are two utmost priorities for governments to consider when developing their post-COVID 19 Stimulus Package, they must not forget Nature.

After all, the root cause of those...

ASEAN Scoping Study on Interlinkages of Health and Biodiversity

Biodiversity and Health - Context

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Health Synthesis (WHO 2005)

Aichi targets (2011 2020) Target 14 "contribute to health and well being”

State of Knowledge Review...


Target vulnerable groups (subsistence economies):

>urban and rural poor; affected indigenous peoples –communities located in high conservation value areas

>The sooner these groups are reached, the less pressure for them to...

Cover for the ICM Training Manual Course 1

This Model Course on Understanding Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) introduces and discusses the philosophy, concept, guidelines, framework, and processes of ICM for the sustainable development of coastal areas. Its content is rooted in a holistic,...