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Management Tools and Methodologies

Last modified December 03, 2010

PEMSEA places considerable importance in employing technical tools and methodologies that integrate scientific information to support better-informed coastal management and decisionmaking. Specialized technical skills, a critical mass of interdisciplinary experts that could support local and central governments, and published applications have been generated with the use of these manuals.


  Environmental Risk Assessment Manual: A Practical Guide for Tropical Ecosystems Order print copy
  Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment for Coastal and Marine Areas: A Training Manual Order print copy
  Manual on Economic Instruments for Coastal and Marine Resource Management Order print copy
  Manual of Practice: Contingent Valuation Survey for Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) Applications (Out of Print) Download PDF  
  Natural Resource Damage Assessment Manual   Order print copy
  Manual on Strategies, Tools and Techniques for Implementing International Conventions on Marine Pollution in the East Asian Seas   Order print copy
  Port Audit Manual Vol. 1: Guidance for Auditors and Port Audit Manual Vol. 2: Audit Checklists   Order print copy