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Blue Economy Bulletin February 2019

Publication Date: 
Thursday, February 28, 2019
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Available (Newsletter)

Welcome to PEMSEA's first Blue Economy Bulletin for 2019. Top of our stories is an article on the economic value of wastewater as explained in the in-depth Indonesia, Philippines, and Viet Nam wastewater sector reports jointly published by PEMSEA and ARCOWA. The reports are timely and relevant given the region's focus on water quality, pollution reduction, and waste management. This month we also look at two integrated coastal management (ICM) examples featured in PEMSEA's 25th anniversary publication that showcase how cities build resilience to shocks and prepare to deal with climate change and other disasters.

As encouraging sustainability is a key plank in building a blue economy, it is important to understand the challenges faced by potential green investments in obtaining private financing. However, hope can be found in how dedicated climate financing is finding new avenues of cooperation, as the GCF and GEF announce a joint mission in Lao PDR. At a local level, a proper assessment of coastal areas is necessary to implement ICM solutions. CCRES has created 15 tools to assess fisheries management, business development, and other aspects of coastal management.

Seafood is one industry where achieving sustainability is essential, and innovative solutions appear to be thriving. Technology is helping, with acoustic sensors providing a novel method to detect blast fishing, while rapid DNA analysis may allow the species of fish parts to be identified within hours. The growing insect meal industry shows potential to become a reliable food supply for aquaculture. New research reveals better data about the state of Pacific shark populations, but also that microplastic pollution damages mussel populations, threatening their survival.

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