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Functional Regional Mechanism for SDS-SEA Implementation

Last modified July 18, 2008

Regional bodies and programs continue to function within their respective scopes and mandates, relating to the different aspects of the environment, economic development or social issues. Sustainable development of coastal and marine resources of the region continues to be addressed in a piecemeal fashion. Valuable lessons and good practices in coastal and ocean governance, which are available from country-implemented projects, bilateral and multilateral projects, as well as from outside the region, are largely unknown or inaccessible to countries.

Target Scenario / Benefits

Global: A regional mechanism, which brings together the 15 governments of the region as well as the major regional and international stakeholders in coastal and ocean governance, implements the SDS-SEA through partnership arrangements and contributes to a secure global ocean by:

  • reducing common priority threats to national and regional security brought about by competition over limited resources;
  • alleviating the pressures of poverty in the region through conservation and improved management of coastal resources at the community level;
  • increasing the level of resources that will be committed by governments to managing the region's marine and coastal areas, including transboundary issues; and
  • transferring the knowledge, experience, lessons and skills developed and acquired during the program to countries within the region and to other regions of the world, through a triennial EAS Congress, and linkages with the GEF network. A regional State of Coasts reporting system contributes to the regular process of the Global Environment Monitoring Assessment called for by the WSSD POI.

Domestic: PEMSEA countries and partners, through participation in the EAS Partnership Council, assess progress and continually improve a 6-year regional partnership framework programme for SDS-SEA implementation. A sustainable PEMSEA Resource Facility, with the financial support from countries and their partners, provides secretariat and technical services for SDS-SEA implementation. A regional partnership fund operates from voluntary contributions, to reduce disparities in SDS-SEA implementation capacity among countries.