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Corporate Social Responsibility

Last modified January 15, 2010

The development of corporate responsibility charters, principles and other instruments by UN and multi-industry bodies (e.g., UN Global Compact; Global Reporting Initiative; OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises; EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS); ISO 9000 and 14000 series of management standards, as well as the forthcoming ISO 26000 standard) and endorsement of these by a large number of companies and firms across the region provides ample evidence that the private sector is engaged in, and is attempting to respond to pressures for, accountable and transparent corporate responsibility practices, both at the international and domestic levels. While these guides and standards provide practical frameworks for quality management and environmental results, they do not specifically pertain to corporate responsibility for sustainable development, nor are they focused on the specific management issues in coastal and marine areas. This component of the project will build on the foundation of existing and planned guides and standards to come up with a systematic process to evaluate, recognize and replicate the contributions and impacts of corporations exercising exemplary social responsibility in their operations within coastal communities.

Target Scenario / Benefits

Global: The experiences of PEMSEA are disseminated to GEF IW programs in other regions, providing insight into the application of a new model for engaging the corporate sector and business community in sustainable development partnerships with coastal communities.

Domestic: 50 companies join forces with local government units to implement ICM and environmental management projects supporting the implementation of sustainable ICM and environmental management projects, which cut across priority issues, including pollution reduction, habitat restoration, water use/conservation, etc.