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Youth to Meet with Top Environmental Officials and Legislators

Quezon City, Philippines — The 2nd EAS Youth Forum, one of the special events of the East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress 2009, will feature the Legislators Hour, where participants will get a rare chance to meet and speak with their countries' environment ministers and legislators.According to Prof. Raphael P.M. Lotilla, Executive Director of the PEMSEA Resource Facility, "Some youths may feel that they are incapable of significantly contributing to efforts being done to address climate change and the degradation of the marine and coastal environment. But, as the successor generation, they have the most at stake. We believe that all efforts currently being done will only be sustainable if the youth is strongly involved at all stages."As one of the major activities of the 2nd EAS Youth Forum, the Legislators Hour will be a prime venue for the youth to get to know their respective environment ministers and legislators and learn the environmental advocacies and programs of their respective officials. It will be a chance for the youth to hear from their respective officials what their governments are doing to address pressing environmental issues such as climate change. The activity will be an opportunity for the youth and top government officials to learn from each other on what they can both contribute to achieve sustainable development of the oceans and coasts of the EAS region. It is also an opportune time for the youth to seek the support of their legislators in carrying out environmental activities in their respective countries."Through this and other activities in the 2nd EAS Youth Forum, we hope to inspire a greater number of our youth to participate more actively in efforts being done to face the challenges of climate change and the goal of sustainably managing our oceans and coasts. We also hope to enjoin them in coming up with more creative ways on how we can save the environment," continued Professor Lotilla.For more information on the Youth Forum, visit www.pemsea.org/eascongress/youthforum.