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Winners of the EAS Futures 2022 Youth Photo Competition

Photos allow the translation of life into perspective. This year, we again asked youth in communities around the rivers and seas of East Asia to share their perspectives and stories. This year’s theme was Coastal communities, life with the ocean. The submitted photos showcase the range of ways in which the ocean can affect lives, as a source of income, as recreation, and part of daily life. We hope you enjoy these photos.

High School Entries

First Place

Post Covid-19 by Afiq Sharkawi

The daily activities of the residents of Crab Island went relatively slow after the Covid-19 outbreak.


Second Place

Heroes Journey by Ganden Medved-Po

During a blackwater dive in Anilao, I found an Argonaut Paper Nautilus in between my viewfinder and a fellow diver. Similar to how the Paper Nautilus camouflages on Salps for protection, we as humans rely on the ocean for livelihood. In order to protect our ecosystem as a whole, we must become stewards of the planet, admiring, documenting, and protecting the world for generations to come.


Third Place

The Sea Rider by Kyle Angelo Theolo G. Dela Peña

I was having a photo walk with my best friend, and we saw a father and his two kids playing on the shore of Bonuan Tondaligan. One of the kids caught my attention. The boy was wearing a helmet while playing with his father and little brother. And I asked his father if I could take a photo of him, which the father agreed to. The young lad, like his father, was a biker, and he was in Bonuan Tondali-gan with his family for a short rest and some much-needed sea breeze and waves.  


University Entries

First Place

Against the clouds by Faith Sterling Villaluz Tubiano

This whole family is helping one another to carry a boat into the sea. Even there is some rainfall and a dark cloud is approaching, the elders of the family need to fish for them to be able to buy food.


Second Place

Diving Force by Mark Khevin L. De Guzman

The sea is comparable to one’s life. Sometimes it’s calm, sometimes it’s not. There are times you are overwhelmed by its beauty, there are times you are afraid of its waves. The ocean teaches us to be risk takers. There are still countless things to explore in its voluminous gaze.


Third Place

Fun Dive by Ronchie Bhabes M. Tagle

Having fun, Tutuy and Nunuy synchronously jump into the water. Both are good divers because they worked as “tahong” or mussel harvesters.


Young Professional Entries

First Place

Sad Sea by Li Ha Minh Anh

This fisherman in Hoi An has not been to the sea since the implementation of social distancing.


Second Place

Right Direction by Jeffrey Sandoval

At an early age, children living near the sea become aware of how to work at the sea as part of their everyday life.


Third Place

Hidden Hard Worker by Ashma Hanifah

People often assume the coastal community refers to just fishermen, those who catch the fish with specialty gear. However, there is a complex structure behind these fishermen. Every time you are lucky enough to breathe the fresh air of the morning fishing port, you will see women and men all waiting for fishers to return. When they do, the waiting people will bring heavy fishbaskets from the fishing vessels to the port. They get a fee for every basket they move, although it is not high. This woman is always early to work. We have to respect all people who take part in their coastal community.