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Winners of the 2022 EAS Futures Youth Video Competition!

Thank you to all youth from throughout the seas of East Asia who participated in this video competition. The people with the greatest stake in the long-term sustainability of our coasts and oceans are the youth, who will left in the future to manage the consequences of the actions of today. This year we asked for youth to share their views on life with the ocean. The winners tell stories in different ways. Our 1st place focuses on one specific eco-park, through which the story of global mangroves is taken. The 2nd place winner shares the story of youth and community action to manage their local environment. The 3rd place winner creatively personifies the ocean, finding a different perspective for marine pollution. We would like to thank all who participated this year, and hope that their visions for a more sustainable future continue to be pursued.


Planting a Forest in the Ocean

Runtime: 4m7s

Author: David M. Agustin


Description: Conserving and sustainably using our oceans and their resources requires immediate global action towards the protection, conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of our mangrove ecosystems. In Kalibo, Aklan, the Bakhawan Eco-Park covers a mangrove forest established in the 1990s when a mangrove reforestation project was undertaken to prevent flood and storm surges. Mangroves are magical forests, they deliver ecosystem services that are needed to support human well-being, including through climate regulation, disaster risk reduction, and improving food security. Despite this, the world loses roughly 35 to 97 square miles of mangrove forest per year! Restoring and conserving these vital ecosystems is key to sustaining both coastal communities and biodiversity. By protecting mangrove forests we can help protect our oceans.


Shaped by the Sea

Runtime: 5m

Authors: Celestine Noelle Robles, Arsen Carl Vargas, Aryanne Dale Malanguis, Beatrix Deanne Saul, Ellie Czar Baltar


Description: Climate change has had devastating impacts on local communities such as barangays Lawigan and Igcadlum in San Joaquin. A recent example was Typhoon Odette (international name Rai), which struck these barangays in December 2021. The community, together with the local administration, established Bugnayan Point Marine Sanctuary over five years ago. The sanctuary has not only been an important source of livelihood, but a source of protection. Its geological rock formations and coral reefs provide a first line of defense against storm surges. These natural climate solutions should be at the forefront of climate resilience and adaptation plans. The inclusion of natural barriers in the Local Climate Change Adaption Plan will strengthen a community's progress towards climate adaptation. As more people depend on protected areas for their lives, it is incumbent on communities to in turn reciprocate, and protect these areas. The benefits of the natural environment are often unknown and overlooked. As young people in Iloilo gathered together to share their passion towards conservation, it is the duty of local leaders to take action, and to help rebuild and establish more of these protected areas throughout the country.

Repairs and new constructions in the Bugnayan Point Marine Sanctuary are done using sustainable materials. Recent installations include a rain water catchment facility and an air cooling system. These features are climate resilient and apt for the specific environment. The plans for a better and stronger Bugnayan Point Marine Sanctuary are constantly evolving. The plans are “Shaped by the Sea”; the forces of nature mold both the landscape and the community.

Ocean Trekkers are a group of young people who are passionate about conservation, free diving, mountain climbing and sustainable tourism. Together with EarthingPH they helped develop Bugnayan Point Marine Sanctuary and improved the local Marine Protected Area Management Plan through series of workshops and trainings. Ocean Trekkers also donated gear and life vests for tour guides and guests.



I’m Ocean

Runtime: 3m

Authors: Koh Yong Qi, Ong Ai Jia, Yeong Kai Ni


Description: Ocean is a beautiful girl. Through her voice, we hope to encourage everyone to take care of the Ocean.