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Viet Nam Initiates ICM Scaling up

Hanoi, Viet Nam — The Government of Viet Nam through the Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands (VASI) of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) has undertaken the necessary steps to initiate scaling up of integrated coastal management (ICM) across the country.An interagency workshop was convened on 24 March 2010, which served as a platform for engaging key agencies, experts and stakeholders in Viet Nam to plan for the development and implementation of activities in support of national priorities for sustainable coastal development. The support provided by PEMSEA in demonstrating the viability of ICM as a means of promoting good governance and providing a platform for integration and coordination at the local level was highlighted by the Vice Minister of MONRE, Mr. Nguyen Van Duc, during his opening message. Recognizing the achievements of Danang, PEMSEA's national ICM demonstration site, and other coastal provinces in Viet Nam in ICM implementation and with the corresponding human resources trained over the past years, Mr. Duc is positive that the stage is set for ICM scaling up in Viet Nam.During the workshop, work groups tackled the two major components of the work program, namely ICM scaling up and capacity development. The work groups made a number of recommendations concerning the start up of the national ICM scaling up program as well as capacity development support. The activities for 2010 will culminate in a national Leadership Forum, where the national ICM scaling up program and roadmap for capacity development will be endorsed and launched by the Heads of Central Departments and Local Government Leaders. The Leadership Forum is expected to occur in November 2010.