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Sustainable Seafood Week, Manila, February 15 to 21

As an archipelago, the Philippines enjoys a long, rich history with the ocean and dependence on food from the sea. However, in modern times, there can be a lack of connection between people and the source of their seafood and little understanding how this food gets to our tables. If we ignore the impacts of unsustainable fishing practices, we put these critical food resources at risk and contribute to the vulnerability of our oceans. 

From February 15 to 21, the Philippines celebrates its first Sustainable Seafood Week in Manila. Throughout the week, top hotels and restaurants from around Metro Manila will serve special menus highlighting seafood products from sustainable and socially responsible sources.

The Sustainable Seafood Week provides an opportunity for food lovers to better understand where our seafood comes from and contribute to the conversation around sustainable seafood. This increased awareness can help to shift more businesses towards responsible fishing practices. By promoting legal and sustainable sources of seafood, we move one step closer to protecting the health of our seas. 

Join experts from PEMSEA, Greenpeace, Rare, the Marine Stewardship Council and others for Technical Workshops on Sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries. PEMSEA will present on blue economy and the link to seafood during the Sustainable Aquaculture workshop, held 2pm on Tuesday, February 16 at The Manila Peninsula hotel.