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RO Korea's Yeosu Expo Supports Sustainable Development Programmes

Seoul, RO Korea — The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) announced in June 2010 that five marine and environment related projects in PEMSEA countries, namely Indonesia, Philippines and Viet Nam, have been selected for funding. The announcement was issued after months-long solicitation of the project proposals in the three countries and consequent evaluation. The selected projects are all relevant to the objectives of the SDS-SEA and contribute to its implementation.The KOICA projects will be funded by the Organizing Committee of the Yeosu EXPO 2012 RO Korea, under the Yeosu Project. The Yeosu Project is part of a multi-million-dollar aid package that the RO Korean Government committed to fund for securing the bidding of the Yeosu EXPO 2012 in RO Korea. A large part of the RO Korea commitment is allotted for establishing an international organization in Yeosu after the Expo in 2012.The five KOICA projects under the Yeosu Project include: (1) Viet Nam - marine environment preservation, and restoration and ocean circulation and climate change research; (2) Indonesia - mapping of critical areas, and ICM establishment in Jakarta Bay; and (3) Philippines - strengthening disaster preparedness, response and risk management in Guimaras Province. Each project will receive a maximum funding of US$ 170,000.KOICA is in the process of selecting the project implementing agencies among the Korean institutes. The selected Korean institutes will implement the project in close consultation with the counterpart countries, i.e., Indonesia, Philippines and Viet Nam. KOICA is hoping to finalize the selection of implementing agencies by early September.