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EAS Congress 2009 Workshop Series: Water Use and Supply Management

Last modified October 29, 2009

The East Asian Seas Congress 2009 will be holding two workshops under the theme "Water Use and Supply Management," on November 23 to 25 in Manila.

The two workshops, each with its individual focus, belong to the fourth of six major Conference themes to be taken up in the triennial regional event. All themes cover essential aspects of sustainable coastal and ocean development.

Workshop 1: Alternative Energy - A Solution for Energy Security for Islands and Remote Areas

The use of alternative energy is a key element to economic development and the improvement of quality of life. To date, much of the world's energy is produced and consumed in a non-sustainable manner. Small islands and remote areas surrounded by abundant sources for alternative energy are still facing difficulties in securing the energy supply needed for their growth.

The workshop will look into the feasibility of introducing alternative energy in small islands and other remote areas of the region. It will engage participants to share good practices, policies and technologies on alternative energies, while providing practical information on good financing mechanisms.

Workshop 2: Addressing Water Crisis in Rapidly Growing Cities

Many growing cities in the region are faced with the problem of inadequate water supplies. This issue is often associated with pollution, population growth, management failures, such as disparities between supply and demand, ineffective regulations and enforcement, inefficient water use and inadequate pricing, and depletion of groundwater facilities. Adding to these are the adverse impacts of climate change. There is an urgent need to address the problems of sustainable water supply if sustainable development is to be achieved.

The workshop aims to discuss current water problems present in many growing cities of the region, while providing examples of readily replicable solutions including innovative technologies. It will also demonstrate how an integrated approach, such as the ICM, can be applied to provide a management framework in addressing water issues.

The East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress takes place every three years. It is a pioneering region-wide platform for knowledge sharing, capacity-building, strategic action, partnership building, and a forum for dialogues between policymakers, environmental and natural resource managers, business communities, academics, NGOs, local governments, and grassroots organizations.

The EAS Congress 2009 is hosted by the Government of the Philippines and co-organized by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and PEMSEA. It is supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).

For more information on the EAS Congress, contact the Secretariat at Please also visit