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EAS Congress 2009 Workshop Series: Habitat Protection, Restoration and Management

Last modified October 26, 2009

The East Asian Seas Congress 2009 will be holding a series of workshops on the theme "Coastal and Ocean Governance," from 23 to 25 November in Manila, Philippines.

The three workshops, each taking on an individual sub-topic, belong to the third of six major Conference themes to be taken up in the triennial regional event. All themes cover essential aspects of sustainable coastal and ocean development.

Workshop 1: Networking of Marine Protected Areas: Benefits, Good Practices, Standards and Next Steps

The workshop will serve as a venue for building cooperation and harmonizing across various initiatives, strategies, action plans and partnerships in MPA networking that have been and are currently being developed in East Asia. It aims to highlight the benefits of managing MPAs, showcase good practices and lessons learned in MPA networking, and develop recommendations for partnership and collaborative efforts in managing MPA networks for submission and consideration by national governments.

Workshop 2: Indigenous Approaches to Habitat Protection and Restoration: Experiences in Sato-umi and other Community Initiatives

The workshop will tackle the invaluable indigenous knowledge acquired by communities along rivers, coastlines and small islands, which traditionally make them live in harmony with nature and allowed for a sustainable and continuous supply of natural resources without compromising the habitats and ecosystems. Related case studies that have seriously damaged the integrity of ecosystems and specific habitats, such as unregulated and indiscriminate exploitation of primary produce and rapid economic development over the decades, will also be discussed.

The workshop will also conduct information-sharing on community-based innovative approaches and good practices of habitat prevention, restoration and management initiatives applying low-cost technologies.

Workshop 3: Innovation in Biodiversity and Habitat Conservation: Lessons Learned

The workshop aims to discuss lessons and experiences in project activities implemented in wetland protection and management, including public awareness and capacity-building activities. Information will be shared related to demonstration sites selections, problems, targets, management solutions and achievements. Possibilities will also be explored and tackled for cooperation and coordination of the relevant project activities through the formation of a network of sites or protected areas.

Legislators, policymakers, NGOs, the academe, the private sector and the UN and other international organizations are invited to participate in these workshops.

The EAS Congress 2009 is hosted by the Government of the Philippines and co-organized by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the PEMSEA. It is supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) and the Coastal Management Center (CMC).

For more information on the EAS Congress, contact the Secretariat at or visit