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EAS Congress 2009 Workshop Series: Food Security and Livelihood Management

Last modified October 29, 2009

The East Asian Seas Congress 2009 will be holding a series of three workshops under the theme "Food Security and Livelihood Management," on November 23 to 25 in Manila.

The three workshops, each with its individual focus, belong to the fifth of six major Conference themes to be taken up in the triennial regional event. All themes cover essential aspects of sustainable coastal and ocean development.

Workshop 1: Addressing Food Security through Sustainable Aquaculture

The workshop will focus on the development of the aquaculture industry, which is widely considered to be a solution to issues on food security and employment for more than a billion people worldwide. Among the topics to be tackled are good practices and technologies in aquaculture production and application, contributions of aquaculture to livelihood management and food security, and the integration of aquaculture in integrated coastal planning.

Workshop 2: The Future Role of Fisheries in an Urbanized World

Recognizing the impacts of population growth and the emerging demographic trend of migrations from rural to urban areas, particularly in coastal zones, the workshop will tackle issues on how coastal fisheries are affected by this phenomenon, and how they can contribute to food security.

Workshop 3: Livelihood Management and Sustainable Coastal Tourism

The workshop will discuss sustainable coastal tourism as a poverty alleviation mechanism for local communities. Topics to be taken up include local livelihoods and community benefits from sustainable coastal tourism activities; conservation and management initiatives as a mechanism to promote sustainable coastal tourism; public-private partnership for promotion, international and national initiatives on certification programs; and the impact of climate change on sustainable coastal tourism.

Legislators, policymakers, NGOs, the academe, the private sector and the UN and other international organizations are invited to participate in these workshops.

The East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress takes place every three years. It is a pioneering region-wide platform for knowledge sharing, capacity-building, strategic action, partnership building, and a forum for dialogues between policymakers, environmental and natural resource managers, business communities, academics, NGOs, local governments, and grassroots organizations.

The EAS Congress 2009 is hosted by the Government of the Philippines and co-organized by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the PEMSEA. It is supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) and the Coastal Management Center (CMC).

For more information on the EAS Congress, contact the Secretariat at Please also visit