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EAS Congress 2009 Special Events and Meetings

Last modified October 29, 2009

The East Asian Seas Congress 2009 kicks off in Manila this November, with a line-up of special events and meetings set to take place simultaneously with the Third Ministerial Forum and International Conference, the event's main highlights.

Second EAS Youth Forum (YF2) (November 23 to 26)

YF2 is targeted at and designed for the young environmental enthusiasts of the region. It aims to provide a hub for learning more about pressing issues in the marine and coastal environment, strengthening the participants' role in addressing these issues and providing practical skills that are applicable at the community level. Carrying the theme "Youth, Oceans and Climate Change," the Forum promotes awareness on the potential impacts of climate change and how the youth can actively participate in addressing this pressing concern.

PEMSEA Network of Local Governments for Sustainable Coastal Development (PNLG) Meeting (November 19 to 21)

This Meeting aims to gather PNLG members in a common setting that allows for learning and mentoring, facilitation of information exchange and practical experiences, skills and management expertise, and promotion of LGU networking with donors, the private sector and other relevant agencies and stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum for the Coastal and Marine Area and the Sustainable Development of Manila Bay (November 25)

Positioned to be a venue for the corporate sector to highlight, review and evaluate its contribution to the coastal and marine environment, this Forum will also open the opportunity for new initiates in support of rehabilitation of Manila Bay and the implementation of the Manila Bay Coastal Strategy, a roadmap for the sustainable development of the Bay area.

Workshops on Meeting Human Resource Requirements in Coastal and Ocean Governance: Formal and Informal Training (November 26)

The workshop will follow up on the topics covered in the Discussion Group Meeting on Capacity Development on Coastal and Ocean Governance, held in the EAS Congress 2006. Focus will be on initiatives taken in line with capacity development in the region. Some topics to be covered are efforts to maximize regional intellectual capital towards coastal and ocean development, short-term informal training programs, contribution of regional and international initiatives in the promotion of capacity development, and human resource requirements of the region and available services.

The workshop will review the outcome of a training needs assessment survey conducted by PEMSEA as well as the possible development of an ICM post-graduate curriculum.

Partnership Night (November 27)

This evening of celebration and recognition will give honor to the efforts made by participants in the government and non-government sectors, the Congress co-convenors, collaborators and sponsors, with the objective of strengthening ties among countries and non-country entity partnerships for the implementation of the SDS-SEA.

SEAnergies: Exhibition on Innovative Technologies and Good Practices (November 23 to 26)

The Exhibition will showcase innovative environmental technologies, approaches and good practices that promote sustainable development of marine and coastal areas. It will also feature interactive sessions of various Conference workshops. Selected exhibit displays will be used for interactive presentations and discussions.

Meeting of Partner Organizations

The EAS Congress 2009 will allot rooms and timeslots for Partners who plan to conduct side meetings in line with the sustainable development of the East Asian Seas.

Field Visits

Field visits to coastal communities and sites will be available to all Congress participants.

Started in 2003 and held every three years thereafter, the East Asian Seas Congress aims to bring together the region's policymakers, environmental and natural resource managers, business communities, academics, NGOs, local and grassroots organizations for knowledge-sharing, capacity-building, strategic action and cooperation and dialogue on trends, issues and concerns related to coastal and ocean governance.

For more information on the EAS Congress, contact the Secretariat at or visit