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PR China Celebrates 2009 Ocean Day

Zhuhai, Guangdong, PR China — As part of the country's annual Ocean Day celebrations, various marine activities were held in major coastal cities throughout PR China. Zhuhai in Guangdong Province, provided the major venue for activities on the China Ocean Day.Celebrations included a major opening ceremony on 18 July with more than one thousand participants composed of key officials from around the country, as well as a key member of the State Council, Mr. Wang Yang; the deputy speaker of the People's Assembly, Mr. Zhou Tiek Long; and the deputy speaker of the Chinese Political Consultative Assembly, Mr. Huang Huah Huah; the Administrator of the State Ocean Administration, Mr. Wang Shuguang, as well as other dignitaries from coastal provinces and cities.The Opening Ceremony was marked by the announcement of the awardees for the 10 Achievement Awards and 10 most successful personalities contributing to the development of the ocean in China in the 60 years of the establishment of the People's Republic. The opening of the 1st China Ocean Expo & Marine Programme on 60-year Achievements Exhibition, featuring 200 exhibits from 11 coastal provinces and municipalities was attended by hundreds of stakeholders and the public.The Ocean Forum, held on the second day of celebrations, discussed the future direction of ocean development in China. Dr. Chua Thia-Eng, PEMSEA Partnership Council Chair, delivered opening remarks during the occasion (click here to read his address).