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Plymouth Marine Laboratory Schedules 4th AMEMR Symposium

Plymouth, United Kingdom — Following on from the success of AMEMR 2011, the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) is pleased to announce that the Fourth Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling Research Symposium is scheduled to be held in Plymouth, United Kingdom on 30 June–3 July 2014.

Modelling provides a key scientific technique by which we can elucidate the workings of the marine system and predict its evolution in both the short and long term. The symposium is being convened as a forum for the presentation and discussion of all aspects of model based marine ecosystem research, encompassing numerical, conceptual, mathematical and statistical approaches.

The PML is particularly keen that this symposium will contribute to the next generation of model-based exploration by providing scientists and students an opportunity to discuss and contrast recent advances, outstanding problems and future requirements.

The PML will soon announce further details of this upcoming event, including abstract submission and registration.