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Philippines Implements IIMS Nationwide

Quezon City, Philippines — The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has adopted the Integrated Information Management System for Coastal and Marine Environment (IIMS) as its database platform for the Philippines.Through the issuance of Department Administrative Orders 315-2005 and 240-2007, the various planning offices of the bureaus and offices have established IIMS units as part of their regular offices. A number of staff have been assigned to manage the units. Initial implementation of the IIMS will be at the DENR Central Office, bureaus and regional offices of Regions 2, 4 and NCR.In support of the initiative, a training course was conducted by the PEMSEA Resource Facility and the MBEMP on 11-14 September. The training course was attended by about 40 participants from the various offices of DENR including Regions 3, 4, and NCR, Environmental Management Bureau, Forest Management Bureau, Mines and Geosciences Bureau, Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau, Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau, National Mapping and Resource Information Authority, National Water Resources Board, National Solid Waste Management Commission, Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission, Coastal and Marine Management Office, River Basin Control Office and the Management Information System Division of DENR. The training course covered basic information management concepts, requirements for establishing and sustaining IIMS, IIMS establishment and applications, including web-based applications. It also provided the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in the operations of IIMS and how the IIMS can be applied in the management of the country's environment and natural resources.At the end of the training course, the participants drew an action plan on the establishment and sustainability of IIMS at their respective offices, taking into account management issues and applications of the system. It is expected that with the use of IIMS, access and packaging of information for decision-making and planning will be enhanced.