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PEMSEA Transformation at the 8th Executive Committee Meeting

Beijing, PR China — PEMSEA's transformation into a self-sustaining international organization was a major topic of discussion during the recently concluded Executive Committee meeting in Beijing, PR China.

Three key documents were reviewed during the meeting, namely, the draft SDS-SEA Five-Year Implementation Plan, the PEMSEA Resource Facility (PRF) Re-engineering Plan, the PEMSEA Sustainable Financing Plan, and the PEMSEA Advocacy and Communication Plan. These plans were developed by the PRF with inputs from the Executive Committee, experts and various partners.

In the framework document on the SDS-SEA Five-year implementation plan, the need for joint planning with PEMSEA Country and Non-Country Partners was highlighted. The medium-term plan which is founded on and guided by the vision and strategic action programmes of the SDS-SEA is linked with the priority needs of the countries of the region and hopes to contribute in meeting the key targets/commitments of the EAS countries in various regional and international environmental agreements.

The key aspects of the PRF Re-engineering Plan were reviewed to ensure that the future PRF will be flexible, responsive and cost-effective. The PEMSEA Sustainable Financing Plan is developed to identify the financial needs and possible financial facilities that can be tapped and establish to sustain PEMSEA operations. While the Advocacy and Communication Plan intends to improve PEMSEA's visibility and promote the achievements and good practices resulting from various PEMSEA initiatives in the region.

Based on the EC discussion and recommendations, the Plans will be polished and completed for presentation at the 4th EAS Partnership Council Meeting in July 2011.

The EC meeting also discussed the PEMSEA Rules of Governance that will provide specific policy guidelines that are aimed at complying with internationally accepted management quality and fiduciary standards.

In line with PEMSEA's Governance framework, the EC adopted the EC Structure and Turnover Mechanism and directed the PRF to proceed with the arrangements and process of nomination and election of three EC Co-Chairs. The election of Co-Chairs will ensure continuity and stronger leadership of the EC. The nomination and election process will take place from April to July 2011.

Other items discussed by the meeting included the Financial Reporting System of PEMSEA, the preparations for the forthcoming EAS Congress 2012 and Fourth Ministerial Forum, and the expert review of the Port Safety Heath and Environmental Management System (PSHEM) Code.

The 8th EC Meeting was hosted by the State Oceanic Administration of China at the Nirvana Resort in Beijing. The meeting was attended by EAS Partnership Council Chair, Dr. Chua Thia-Eng, Intergovernmental Session Chair, Dr. Li Haiqing, and Technical Session Chair, Mr. Hiroshi Terashima. Representatives from the State Oceanic Administration of China and Ocean Policy Research Foundation of Japan participated as observers. The PEMSEA Resource Facility served as the Secretariat for the meeting, which was held on March 11-12, 2011.