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PEMSEA Shares Experience in MPA Management

Incheon, RO Korea — PEMSEA took part in the First Steering Committee Meeting of the North-East Asian Marine Protected Areas Network (NEAMPAN) organized by the North-East Asian Sub-regional Programme for Environmental Cooperation (NEASPEC) last 19–20 March.
The two-day event gathered members of the NEAMPAN Steering Committee from PR China, Japan, RO Korea and Russia, as well as representatives from international marine programmes including PEMSEA, the Northwest Pacific Action Plan (NOWPAP), Mediterranean Network of Marine Protected Areas (MedPAN) and East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP).
Mr. Guo Yinfeng, Programme Specialist of the PEMSEA Resource Facility, served as one of the four resource persons who shared relevant information and experiences of their marine protected areas (MPA) networks, which the NEAMPAN can draw lessons from. He shared PEMSEA's experience in using integrated coastal management (ICM) tools — such as coastal use zoning, coastal strategy and implementation planning, integrated river basin and coastal management — to strengthen MPA management in the region. He related that the existing partnership and approaches of ICM provided the enabling environment for effective MPA management, including continuous capacity-building support to PEMSEA Country Partners, as well as establishing ICM learning centers and a network of local governments.
Representatives from PR China, Japan, RO Korea and Russia each shared the respective legal and institutional arrangements established, as well as their countries' key priorities in achieving the Aichi Targets.
The Steering Committee endorsed the terms of reference of the Committee, and agreed to start with a small number of target MPAs nominated by Committee Members. The MEAMPAN Steering Committee and the Advisory Committee are open to international agencies and regional mechanisms to be proposed by the Secretariat and approved by Steering Committee.