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Workshop Proceedings for Coastal and Ocean Governance

Quezon City, Philippines — During the East Asian Seas Congress 2009, seven workshops under the "Coastal and Ocean Governance" underscored the importance of coasts and oceans as life-support systems while covering central- and local- level initiatives related to the development and implementation of ocean and coastal governance and the economic contribution of marine activities in East Asia.

These workshops also discussed various transboundary environmental issues and ocean and coastal sciences, including scientific education and how it is utilized to improve efficiency. The series also served as a venue for the discussion of programs that adopt an ecosystem-based approach and land and sea-use zoning strategies in preventing and managing natural disasters brought about by climate change. The proceedings of these workshops are now available for download through the following links:Workshop 1: Coastal/Ocean Policy and Legislation: Implementation and New InitiativesWorkshop 2: Contributions of Marine Economic Sectors to Regional and National GDP in an Uncertain ClimateWorkshop 3: The Continental Shelf: Post-May 2009 PerspectivesWorkshop 4: Addressing Transboundary Issues through Regional/Sub-regional Seas Cooperation: Initiatives in East AsiaWorkshop 5: The Science in Ecosystem-based ManagementWorkshop 6: Land and Sea-use Zoning: Challenges and OpportunitiesWorkshop 7: Mainstreaming of Marine and Coastal Issues into National Planning and Budgetary Processes: Sharing of Cross-regional ExperiencesSingapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador-at-Large and Chairman of the Institute of Policy Studies and the National Heritage Board, Tommy Koh was the keynote speaker for the Coastal and Ocean Governance thematic workshops (Click here to download keynote speech). His speech was delivered by Ambassador A. Selveraja, Singapore. Ambassaor Koh received the UNEP Champion of the Earth Award and the inaugural "President's Award for the Environment" in 2006, and was President of the Third UN Conference on the Law of the Sea from 1980 to 1982. He served as Chairman to the Preparatory Committee for the Main Committee of the UN Conference on Environment and Development from 1990 to 1992.Proceedings from other themes and workshops are also available on the EAS Congress 2009 website.