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PEMSEA Library Expands Collection and Facilities

Quezon City, Philippines — PEMSEA announces the opening of the new PEMSEA Library. Located in the new PEMSEA building, the PEMSEA Library has a bigger space, and is complete with a reading area and computers to accommodate researchers.
The PEMSEA Library collection focuses mainly on subjects such as coastal zone management, aquaculture, environmental management, integrated coastal management, and sustainable development strategies. It houses more than 21,000 titles and volumes of print materials (monographs, references, annuals, programmes and project brochures, publications and product catalogues, periodicals, conference brochures, research institutions, and reprints); 250 electronic resources (CD-ROMs); and more than 200 titles and volumes of PEMSEA publications and unpublished reports and studies.
The initial collections of the library were from personal collections of Dr. Chua Thia-Eng, PEMSEA Regional Programme Director, that were donated to the library. These were composed of books, reprints, reports and periodical subscriptions. It was supplemented with PEMSEA publications and another personal collection donated by Mr. James N. Paw of the International Maritime Organization, who was also former PEMSEA Technical Programme Officer. Additional titles to the initial collection are obtained through purchases and donations and contributions from different organizations and agencies.
The Library serves as a repository of knowledge from the past, present, and the future of PEMSEA. It serves as a technical support department as it links the information and the researcher and it provides relevant literature from the existing collection to the requesting staff.
Aside from lending library materials and assisting staff in literature searching, the library also provides the following services to the PEMSEA Regional Programme Office (RPO):

Current Awareness Services by sending a list of newly-purchased or received library materials that are available in the library to the RPO staff every end of the month.
Selective Dissemination of Information is a library service which provides a requesting client (usually outside PEMSEA) with the list of bibliographic references available in the library on a specified topic of interest through email. This is to make sure that the client's query matches available material in the library beforehand.
Information Sharing enabled circulation of new researches, fact sheets and policy, etc., that are relevant to PEMSEA. This is shared through the PEMSEA Sharepoint.

PEMSEA Library is also envisioned to networking with local, national and regional libraries with collections related to sustainable development and coastal and marine environmental management.
Browse the collection from the online library catalog at http://library.pemsea.org/union/ or http://silms.pemsea.loc/union/ (internal). For any comments, suggestions, or enquiries, please email the librarian at mvillanueva@pemsea.org or info@pemsea.org.