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PEMSEA launches New Web Site at the EAS Congress 2015

Over its more than 20-year history, PEMSEA has stayed on the forefront of coastal and marine sustainable development, including the introduction and scaling up of integrated coastal management (ICM) across East Asia and the adoption of the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA) by 14 countries. As an organization, PEMSEA continues to evolve to meet the needs of its partners and address the most pressing issues related to coasts and oceans in the region.

With the adoption of the updated SDS-SEA 2015, it’s important that the PEMSEA brand to reflect the expanding role and focus of the regional partnership., reflecting the vision of Healthy Oceans, People and Economies and the continuing mission to foster and sustain healthy and resilient oceans, coasts, communities and economies across the Seas of East Asia through integrated management solutions and partnerships

The new PEMSEA logo was launched during the EAS Congress 2015. It reflects the focus of the partnership, synchronizing the elements of sea, land and people, yielding a symbol of responsible, “blue” economies in the region – the propeller – and denoting the organization’s continuing drive forward to protect, enhance and sustain coasts and oceans.

The website, PEMSEA.org, has be redesigned to provide a clear understanding of who PEMSEA is as an organization and the partners and networks, including national and local governments, companies, investors, international organizations, scientific organizations, regional organizations and communities. The site describes a new way of thinking about PEMSEA’s work in the region, including an increased focus on providing value-added services that build on 20+ years of experience, including Advisory & Project Services, Knowledge Services, Facilitation & Secretariat Services and Certification Services. PEMSEA is pushing into important new areas such as blue economy, which includes efforts to scale up investment in ICM in the region and helping companies to navigate in the growing blue economy.

 For more information about PEMSEA, including perspectives from leaders from government, business and international organizations on PEMSEA’s important role in the region, watch the new PEMSEA video.