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PEMSEA to Host GEF IW Workshop on Knowledge Management

Quezon City, Philippines — PEMSEA will be hosting the Second Asia-Pacific Regional Targeted Workshop for Global Environment Facility (GEF) International Waters (IW) Projects scheduled on 4-6 December. The planned workshop aims to utilize knowledge management to transform good practices in integrated water resource management (IWRM), integrated coastal management (ICM) and integrated river basin and coastal area management (IRBCAM or ICARM) into investments and financing that will support the sustainable development of freshwater and marine ecosystems.

The timing of the activity coincides with the inception of the GEF-World Bank project "Applying Knowledge Management to Scale up Partnership Investments for Sustainable Development of Large Marine Ecosystems of East Asia and their Coasts." The medium-sized project, which will be implemented by the PEMSEA Resource Facility, aims to enhance the capacity and performance of investments in the sustainable development of large marine ecosystems (LMEs) and coasts in the East Asian Seas region through knowledge and experience sharing, portfolio learning and networking.

Aside from fostering inter- and intra-basin cooperation among the GEF IW community in Asia-Pacific, the workshop aims to establish the important connection between the knowledge management project and GEF IW projects in terms of promoting and facilitating good policies and practices and leveraging increased investments in conservation, water resource management and pollution reduction. The learning activity also hopes to provide a launching point for participants to calibrate knowledge management services and tools, including an interactive online portal and a web-based monitoring system, that can suit the needs of decisionmakers and investors.

Further details on the workshop and logistical arrangements will be announced soon.

Edit: This workshop has been postponed to 2014.