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PEMSEA Extends Reach through New Social Media Channels

Quezon City, Philippines — PEMSEA announced today its foray into social media through three new media channels, providing additional venues for spreading information about the organization and its partners.

Featuring new channels in Facebook, Scribd, and Vimeo, PEMSEA joins the ranks of other organizations who have taken advantage of the new venues for information dissemination made possible by these successful media platforms.

"We are very excited to launch these three new social media channels," said Anna Rita Cano, Communications Associate of PEMSEA. "The explosion of the social media phenomenon is a great opportunity for organizations such as PEMSEA to extend its online reach, using websites that are already familiar and loved by millions of people."

The PEMSEA Scribd shelf features PEMSEA's entire roster of informative publications published since 1994. Visitors can view any of PEMSEA's publications in a ready-to-read, easy-to-download format, or download these publications in a convenient file for offline reading. Since the shelf was started this year, more than 40,000 readers have taken advantage of the rich information contained in more than 200 of PEMSEA's publications.

PEMSEA's Facebook profile, on the other hand, is the organization's main media channel for news, events and announcements. "Liking" the PEMSEA Facebook profile page allows people to be kept updated about what's happening with PEMSEA and its partners.

PEMSEA's Vimeo channel lists all PEMSEA's videos, including entries such as the opening address of former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos during the East Asian Seas Congress 2009 and the PEMSEA partnership video.

"We encourage everyone to join us in these channels by liking our Facebook profile, following our Scribd shelf, and subscribing to our Vimeo video channel. We hope that these channels and other future PEMSEA initiatives will help get our message of coastal and environmental sustainability known to the widest audience possible," Ms. Cano added.

These social media channels are accessible from PEMSEA's website and complement the organization's RSS Feeds and the regularly released e-Updates.