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PEMSEA's Dr. Chua Thia-Eng Awarded by a Honorary Citizenship

Xiamen, PR China — Dr. Chua Thia-Eng, Chair of the East Asian Seas Partnership Council of PEMSEA, has been awarded honorary citizenship by the city of Xiamen, PR China to acknowledge his contribution to the development and implementation of integrated coastal management (ICM) and the promotion of exchanges between the city and the international ocean community.

The awarding ceremony, held on 17 December 2011, was presided over by Mr. Yu Weiguo, Party Secretary General and Chair of the People's Congress of Xiamen. Mr. Liu Keqing, Mayor of Xiamen, presented the citizenship certificates to the awardees.

Ten awardees received citizenship certificates in recognition of their outstanding performance in promoting Xiamen's economic development, social and public services and international exchanges. Jointly nominated by Xiamen Ocean and Fishery Bureau and Xiamen University, Dr. Chua Thia-Eng is the only awardee from an international organization. Dr. Chua dedicated this honor to PEMSEA staff who had been working very hard for the sustainable development of the regional seas.

Prior to becoming Chair of the EAS Partnership Council of PEMSEA, Dr. Chua Thia-Eng served for 15 years as Executive Director of PEMSEA in fostering practical approaches to integrated coastal management and training of coastal specialists in support of sustainable development of coastal areas in the East Asia region. He is a well-known scholar in ocean governance, and the author of The Dynamics of Integrated Coastal Management – Practical Applications in the Sustainable Coastal Development in East Asia.