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PEMSEA to Conduct Regional ICM Course in May

Danang, Viet Nam — PEMSEA will be conducting a Regional Integrated Coastal Management (Level 1) Course on May 10-13, 2011 in Danang, Vietnam. The course aims to provide participants with better understanding of how the ICM framework has become a useful methodology to promote sustainable development of coastal areas. It is intended to strengthen participants' knowledge and skills essential in the implementation of ICM program.

The training course will be participated in by ICM program staff of new sites, core team members of PEMSEA ICM Learning Centers, and technical staff coming from Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, PR China and Vietnam who are directly responsible for ICM program implementation and capacity development in their respective countries.

The course will cover the following topics: (1) basic concept, principles, framework and processes of ICM and how their application strengthens governance for sustainable development of coastal areas; (2) essential components of the Framework for Sustainable Development of Coastal Areas (SDCA) through ICM implementation emphasizing on the governance elements and their linkages; (3) ICM program development and implementation cycle including activities, requirements and outputs on each stages; and (4) practical experiences from other ICM programs in Vietnam. The course will have classroom sessions and discussions, case presentations, workshops and field visits to Hue and Danang in Vietnam.

The training is part of PEMSEA's strategic approach for an integrated coastal management (ICM) capacity development program in support of PEMSEA participating countries' commitment to place 20 percent of the region's coastline under an integrated coastal management (ICM) program by 2015.