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PEMSEA Appoints New Executive Director

Quezon City, Philippines — PEMSEA has named Mr. Stephen Adrian Ross as Executive Director of the PEMSEA Resource Facility. Mr. Ross will provide crucial guidance and leadership as PEMSEA steadily moves toward becoming a full-fledged self-reliant organization in the ocean and coastal governance of the East Asian seas region.

Mr. Ross is an environmental policy and technical advisor with extensive experience in capacity development for sustainable coastal development in East Asia, including building partnerships with national and local governments, UN agencies, international financial institutions, nongovernmental organizations, the corporate sector and universities. He contributed to the adoption of the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA) by 14 countries in the region, and is one of the founding members of PEMSEA as a regional organization with its own international legal personality.
A Canadian national, he is an engineer by training and has been associated with PEMSEA for 20 years as a Senior Technical Officer for the International Maritime Organization and Senior Programme Officer and Chief Technical Officer of PEMSEA before being appointed as Executive Director in January.